Soft Lithography

Anatech SCE 108 Barrel Asher


Anatech USA’s SCE-100 Series Inductively Coupled (ICP) Plasma systems are extremely effective for a Plasma Ashing process to activate a surface prior to bonding PDMS, e.g.

Process gases is O2. Sample sizes are pieces to 100mm round wafers.

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ABM 3000HR Mask Aligner


The 3000HR series Mask Aligner is high resolution, Contact/Proximity Aligner. The system offers precise and repeatable sub-micron alignment and exposure for many wafer and substrate sizes. This includes sensitive, brittle and odd shaped materials. The precision wedge-error compensation vacuum chucks offer consistent mask to substrate planarization for accurate separation adjustment and ease of alignment.


  • 350 Watt UV Exposure System with Intensity Controlling Power Supply
  • 365 nm Output Intensity – Approximately 20-25 mW/cm²
  • 400 nm Output Intensity – Approximately 40-50 mW/cm²
  • Uniform/Collimated Beam Size: 5.0″ Diameter
  • Beam Uniformity: ± 3-5%
  • Adjustable Expose Timer: Adjustable from .1 to 999.9 Seconds
  • Nikon Single Field Binocular Microscope with 5x, 10x, & 20x Objectives, 10x Eyepieces, including Adjustable Coaxial Illuminator.
  • Stationary Mask Alignment Module with X,Y,Z, and Theta Motion
  • Electronic/Pneumatic Operator Control Panel
  • Top Load Vacuum Holders for 4” x 4 and ”5” x 5” Masks
  • Planarizing Vacuum Chuck for Piece Parts (up to 1” Diameter) & 4” Wafers
  • Z axis Adjustment: ±750 µm
  • Mask-to-Substrate Separation: settable in 10 µm increments
  • Front-side Alignment Accuracy: < 0.5 µ

Printing Resolution: Near UV < 0.8µm

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Spinner and Solvent Processing Benches

SU-8/PDMS Resist Spinner


  • Maximum speed of 10,000 rpm
  • User friendly programmable interface
  • Programmable step functions (up to 10 steps per recipe)
  • Programmable process control
  • Wafer sizes from pieces through 150mm
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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum oven capable of reaching ~10 Torr with digital gravity convection for curing samples from 25-250C

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PDMS Process Bench

  • Substrates up to 150mm
  • Solvent develop and PDMS mixing station
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