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The Singh Center supports nanotechnology innovation by providing easily accessible fabrication, characterization and measurement of nanomaterials and devices in the heart of Philadelphia under one roof for scientists and researchers. The Singh Center for Nanotechnology houses three (3) core facilities for the School of Engineering and Applied Science, which are managed by our expert staff to train users on our instrumentation and tools:

  1. Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility (cleanroom),
  2. Nanoscale Characterization Facility (electron microscopes and ion beam), and the
  3. Scanning and Local Probe Facility (AFM, STM, confocal microscopy and local probe station).

Please follow the instructions below on how to reach the appropriate facility staff to discuss your project. Applicants must receive staff approval before requesting access to the Center.

  • Access to Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility (QNF), Nanoscale Characterization (NCF), and Scanning and Local Probe Facility (SLPF):
  • Access to the Property Measurement Facility: Contact to discuss project feasibility and for design assistance.
  • Facility Fees can be found at
  • Engagement Programs
    • Innovation Seed Grant (ISG) catalyzes innovation at the Center for startups and external research groups. Learn more.
    • Club Nano Edge extends the innovation runway for startup and industry users. Learn more.
  • Events — The Singh Center for Nanotechnology provides an ideal atmosphere to host conferences, seminars, and catered functions for most size events. Three additional conference rooms throughout our center are equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure the success of your event. To contact us about the available options to meet your specific needs, please contact
  • Filming and Photography is prohibited in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology without written permission.