Working With Us

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Extended hours for *Qualified Users – 24/7

*Qualified user is defined as any individual who has successfully completed the UPenn /SEAS/EHRS course instruction and orientation programs.

Easy Access to World-Class Resources

The Singh Center supports nanotechnology innovation by providing easily accessible fabrication, characterization and measurement of nanomaterials and devices in a single, central location for both nanoscientists and nanoresearchers.

Club Nano Program – Industry Users

For details, please visit or contact Gerald Lopez.

Access to Quattrone Nanofabrication, Nanoscale Characterization, and Scanning and Local Probe Facilities

  1. Contact the facility to discuss project feasibility and for design assistance
  2. Go to the online portal and submit an access request
  3. Complete and submit the downloaded user form provided
    • For external users, complete an external user agreement
  4. Attend a facility specific orientation (QNF only) and safety class. Receive training on equipment

Access to the Property Measurement Facility

Contact to discuss project feasibility and for design assistance.

Facility Fees

Singh Facilities Charges

Internal/External Academic Users
Government Users

External Industry Users

Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility
Clean Room $35/hr $70/hr
Door Charge $35/hr $70/hr
Equipment Charges Range $15/hr to $50/hr Range $45/hr to $150/hr
Cap – Lab Access Yes, $6000/semester/user No
Cap – Equipment Use Yes, $6000/semester/user No
Staff Rates $50/hr $80/hr
Laser/Soft Litho Facility $15/hr $45/hr
Door Charge $15/hr $45/hr
Equipment Charges Range $15/hr to $25/hr Range $45/hr to $75/hr
Cap – Lab Access Yes, $6000/semester/user No
Cap – Equipment Use Yes, $6000/semester/user No
Staff Rates $50/hr $80/hr
Nanoscale Characterization Facility
Equipment Charges Range $35/hr to $50/hr Range $210/hr to $300/hr
Staff Rates $50/hr $100/hr
Scanning Probe Facility
Equipment Charges Range $30/hr-$35/hr Range $125/hr to $200/hr
Staff Rates $50/hr $75

Total fees are available at:

Penn Card Request

Visiting users, please complete this form and email it to the applicable staff member two weeks before your first visit to Penn. This will provide us with time to have it processed before your visit.

Account Information

Our IRIS system should process your information smoothly, but in the event you need to re-submit or make a change, you are welcome to use this form for your details to be entered by us.


Please visit the facility page the you intend to work in and familiarize yourself with the safety procedures, and follow its instructions at all times.


The Singh Center for Nanotechnology provides an ideal atmosphere to host conferences, seminars, and catered functions for most size events. Three additional conference rooms throughout our center are equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure the success of your event. To contact us about the available options to meet your specific needs, please contact

Filming and Photography

Filming and Photography is not permitted in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology without express permission.