Policies and Procedures

The nanofab lab charges a Facility fee as well as an equipment fee.
Cleanroom fee:
Penn Users: $35/hour
External Academic: $35/hour
Industrial: $70/hour
Laser/soft lithography area fee:
Penn Users: $15/hour
External Academic: $24/hour
Industrial: $45/hour

Tool fees: Please see: iris.nano.upenn.edu

For internal users only, there is a monthly cap of $500 for the cleanroom/soft lithography fees and $500 for tool fees.
  • Users must wear face shields at all wet benches.
  • Users must wear full personal protective equipment (apron, face shield, and heavy gloves) in the wet processing bay.
  • Users may not replace gas bottles.
  • Please evacuate the Facility if any alarms go off.
  • If the chemical you wish to use is not already approved please contact the Facility¬†director.
  • Please provide an electronic MSDS with your request.
  • Please place the request in advance of the intended use date (please allow 2-3 weeks for request processing).
  • Requests for chemicals with proprietary compositions or chemicals that are subject to export restrictions will take longer to process.
  • Please feel free to inquire about the status of your request.
  • Some chemicals may be deemed too hazardous and may not be approved.
  • Please do not order the chemical without permission from the Facility director.