Club Nano

Club Nano provides exclusive access to the Quattrone Nanofabrication Facility instrumentation and general lab space with a platform to support a variety of materials and substrates of various shapes and sizes, while providing world-class service from our full-time professional staff. As a multi-user facility and service center, we also feature a non-predatory intellectual property (IP) policy.

Club Nano provides access to micro/nanofabrication resources at a fixed cost. As part of our mission to promote research and innovation, large organizations participate with our competitive industry rate, while smaller private start-ups participate at a reduced rate. Exclusive access to the QNF Soft Lithography Bay is also provided at a single reduced rate to those requiring the manufacture of microfluidic devices or micromachining capabilities.

CLUB Nano participants experience:

  • Access to the QNF tools and instrumentation (tool quotas will apply).

  • Tool training and access to regularly scheduled process workshops.

  • Budget friendly and flexible contract terms with reduced rates starting with a minimum 3 month commitment for teams up to 10 individuals. Discounts for longer term contracts and additional users are provided.

  • Reduced risk and cost of ownership for research and development projects.

For information about becoming a Club Nano member, please contact Gerald Lopez.