REU Projects of Recent Singh Center Cohorts

O. Omodior (center) is recognized at the NNCI 2022 REU Convocation for his outstanding research poster presentation of his project supervised by the Bargatin Lab (Penn Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Department).
Penn faculty and the Singh Center Facility staff are invited to submit REU projects each year. Once our REU students have accepted offers to participate in the Singh REU program and the projects for the coming summer are in, the students are invited to rank their project preferences. Based on multiple factors, including the needs of the project, student background and preferences, students and host labs are matched. Students typically get one of their top three choices.
Students who apply to the Singh REU Program should be prepared to be flexible regarding what specific area of nano they will work on over the summer. All projects are designed to provide students with robust research experience and the opportunity for growth academically and professionally.
Research Projects of Previous Cohorts
Year Project REU Student Host
2023 Swimming Microrobots at Water-Air Interfaces V. Vinson M. Miskin
2023 High Resolution Microelectrode Arrays for Neural Recording and Stimulation L. Whitehead F. Vitale
2023 Boosting Subcellular Assay Throughput via Colloidal Arraying by Capillary Assembly N. Bellopede D. Lee
2023 Sustainable Machinery via Self-Assembled Metal Oxide Coatings B. Alexander R. Carpick
2023 Fabricating Ultralight Reflective Films for Space Communications Z. Bernheimer I. Bargatin
2023 Fabrication and Characterization of Surfaces with Spatially-Modulated Adhesion and Friction R. Wosniak K. Turner
2022 Effect of sliding speed on the formation of ZrO2 antiwear tribofilms in boundary conditions J. Griffin Carpick
2022 Exploring the Centrifugal Force as a Control Mechanism for Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching F. Lynch Watson
2022 Fabricating porous, ceramic based spacers for thermionic energy applications O. Omodior Bargatin
2022 Biodegradable Phosphate Sensor for Agricultural Use  A. Struzyk Allen
2022 Assessing the Chondrogenic Influence of Nanofabricated 3D Scaffolds on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells H. Thompson Gottardi
2022 Cathode Nanofabrication for Increased Power And Extended Drone Flight J. Vyletel Bidstrup Allen
2021 The Effects of Geometry and Voltage on the Temperature of the Microheater  N. Lyles Lee
2021 Transparent Ti3C2 MXene Microelectrodes for Multimodal Neural Recording  S. Suri Vitale
2021 Using Ferrodiodes to Build In-Memory Computing and Neuromorphic Computing Technologies J. Ting Jariwala
2021 Understanding Nanoparticle Absorption on Layer by Layer Films using AFM to Measure Interaction Forces S. Ziegler Composto
2019 Transparent MXene MicroECoG Electrodes for Multi-Modal Seizure Monitoring G. Eberly Vitale
2019 Isotope Effects of Heavy Water on Fused Silica Solid-state Nanopores for Biosensing Purposes L. Holtzman Drndic
2019 Scalable Production of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Based Electronics G. Leone Johnson
2019 Effects of Metal Evaporation on 2D Semiconductor-Metal Contacts J. Orr Jariwala
2019 Fabrication and Characterization of Vitamin-C Reduced Graphene Oxide Neural Microelectrodes T. Posey Vitale
2019 Development of Thermally Actuated Tunable Adhesive Structures J. Stage Turner