Singh Center for Nanotechnology Seminar – Friday, November 3


Foundations for a New Integrated Circuit Industry: Materials Integration and Innovation

E.A. Fitzgerald

MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

SMART Low Energy Electronic Systems, CREATE, Singapore

Friday, November 3, 2017  Singh Center for Nanotechnology


Through our early work in inventing and commercializing strained silicon technology, we gained insight into long-term innovation process.  Through MIT’s research center in Singapore (SMART), we applied our understanding of innovation process to a large research program with the goal of arriving at post-Moore’s-Law novel integrated circuit technology and new enterprise.  Through these efforts, a realistic path to integrating III-V materials into silicon integrated circuits has emerged.  Novel circuits integrating III-V LED arrays with CMOS, and circuits integrating III-V high electron mobility transistors with CMOS appear to have the highest chance of early adoption.


Eugene A. Fitzgerald is the Merton C. Flemings SMA Professor of Materials Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Lead Principal Investigator of the Low Energy Electronic Systems (LEES) center of the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). His research interests are related to new materials, devices, and circuits. His work in lattice-mismatched materials resulted in the discovery of high mobility strained silicon, the basis of the founding of his first company. He is a practicing researcher, serial innovator and entrepreneur.  Prof. Fitzgerald is recipient of the IEEE 2011 Andrew S. Grove Award and the IEEE 2004 EDS George Smith Award, and has served on the MIT President’s Committee for the Innovation Initiative, as well as the President’s Committee on the Future of MIT Education. He received a SB degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 1985 from MIT and his PhD in the same discipline from Cornell University in 1989.