Updated University of Pennsylvania Masking Policy – January 10, 2022

New Mask Requirement – January, 10, 2022

Beginning January 10, all members of the Penn community in campus buildings will be required to double mask (layering a cloth mask on top of a disposable mask) or to wear a KN95 or N95 mask.

School of Engineering and Applied Science Visiting Policy – August 31, 2021
Penn Engineering remains a school within the university that welcomes visitors from all areas of the world.   With the circumstances of the pandemic, we provide guidelines on hosting visitors.

Effective immediately, we are now requiring that all members of the Penn community and visitors wear masks while indoors in public or shared spaces.  

Exceptions to the masking requirement include single occupancy offices and shared spaces where 6ft distancing can be maintained and by permission in instructional settings for pedagogical reasons.

A. For single-day visitors,
1. Visitors must provide contact information prior to their visit, including their name, an email address, a phone number, and the name(s) of people they will be visiting. In addition, visitors must complete an attestation form that indicates they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Acceptable vaccinations include:
– Pfizer/BioNTech
– Moderna
– Johnson and Johnson/Janssen
– AstraZeneca
– Covishield
– Sinopharm
– Sinovac
The form containing this information is found through this link.
2. On the day of their visit, the visitor(s) must complete the symptom check on Penn OpenPass to receive a green pass. The visitor(s) must show their green OpenPass to their host upon arriving.
3. Visitors must wear Penn approved facemasks and wear them at all times during their visit. For more information on Penn approved facemasks, please see guidance provided by the Penn Environmental Health and Radiation Safety office.
B. For relatively infrequent daily visitors (no more than one visit per week),
1. The guidelines used for single daily visitors will apply, where visitors will need to obtain a green Penn OpenPass for each visit date.They must provide contact information and attestation of vaccination. Use this link.

C. For individuals visiting more frequently,
1. If the individuals will be visiting for a period less than 6 weeks, individuals should fill out this form to describe the nature and frequency of their campus visits. All guidelines used for less frequent visitors “apply” (sections A, B above).
2. Longer term visitors, include scholarly visitors, adjunct faculty, and national/international research collaborators, must follow all the public health guidelines prescribed for daily visitors. If the visitor is unvaccinated, they must complete a vaccination regimen and work remotely until fully vaccinated. They must complete this form prior to their arrival on campus.
At no point should visitors be required to provide their vaccination card, either to the host or any other person in the community.
We are ready to answer any questions on our policy. As the pandemic changes, we will update our policy accordingly.