Meeting for Advanced Electron Beam Lithography (MAEBL) Workshop

The 2nd annual Meeting for Advanced Electron Beam Lithography (MAEBL) workshop was held at the University of Pennsylvania Singh Center for Nanotechnology on Monday, April 23, 2018.

MAEBL, formerly Mid-Atlantic Electron Beam Lithography, is a society of engineers, scientists and students from industry, academia, and government that use electron beam lithography (EBL) to enable cutting edge research and development. The EBL community is small and geographically dispersed throughout the country. The purpose of this meeting was to provide a condusive atmosphere to bring together the community to openly discuss topics devoid of conference formality and hardware vendors. Its goal was to connect active novice to experienced tool owners and users to exchange practical and directly applicable knowledge. Structured talks, lectures and planned discussions in additional to over three hours of networking fulfilled the one-day program.

New to this year’s agenda was a two-hour discussion of common issues in EBL. Other discussion topics included novel processing with HSQ and epitaxial growth; demystifying proximity effect correction; leveraging scripting to automate data creation, preparation and exposure; discussing common issues in EBL; optimizing shape fidelity through proper shot placement; and fabricating superconducting quantum bits (qubits). The talks closed with the discussion of fracturing issues related to photonic crystal array structures. Next year’s event will be hosted by The Ohio State University