AFM scanners

  • 1μm, 10μm, and 100μm x-y range, 7μm z-range
  • 491, 532, and 660 nm laser sources

Optical heads

  • 0.7 NA 100× upright air lens
  • 1.3 NA 100× inverted oil immersion lens

Confocal Raman

  • Adjustable pinhole size and objective lens alignment


  • 1800, 600, and 150/mm gratings and 75/mm Echele. Cooled CCD/EMCCD detector.

AFM modes

  • Contact, tapping, force mapping, Kelvin probe, conductive AFM, lateral force. Tuning fork AFM allows custom-cut and etched metal probes.

Environmental control

  • Enclosures for each scanner for gas purge. Heated sample stage, fluid cell.

Simultaneous AFM/Raman

  • Keeps samples of varying topography in focus

Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)

  • AFM-aperture optical microscopy is available in transmission mode

Applications: Simultaneous chemical and topographic/mechanical analysis. In situ temperature measurement. AFM-aperture optical microscopy. Optical devices such as semiconductor lasers, waveguides, and plasmonic devices Investigation of cellular tissue, DNA, viruses and other biological objects. Nanotubes, nanowires, and quantum dots.