Raith EBPG5200+ E-Beam Lithography System

The Raith EBPG5200+ is an electron beam lithography tool capable of high-resolution patterning at 100 kV. It has a 125 MHz pattern generator, a maximum current of 350 nA, and a 1 mm mainfield size. It has an automatic aperture changer, automatic and dynamic focus and stigmation, and automatic alignment. The EBPG can achieve linewidths <8nm with stitching and overlay accuracy better than 10nm.

  • Large-scale, high-speed patterning of positive and negative e-beam resists with features from <10 nm to micron/mm scale
Allowed Materials
  • Standard semiconductor materials
  • Low vapor pressure metals
  • Resists
Raith EBPG5200+ E-Beam Lithography System