Princeton Instruments TriVista Spectrometer with Si and InGaAs array detectors

The TriVista system is a triple spectrometer that has multiple input and detection ports that we can configure to provide Raman scattering down to 5 cm-1, photoluminescence excitation/emission spectral mapping, absorption, as well as spatial imaging of Raman scattering or photoluminescence with an infinitely tunable (in width and center wavelength) bandpass filter from 350 nm to 1000 nm. For Raman scattering, the system can operate in either additive mode for high resolution experiments or in subtractive mode for extreme stray light rejection. The system has both Si and InGaAs detectors, providing detection bandwidth from 350 nm to 1.7 microns. Light sources include a Xenon lamp (from which any spectral range can be selected without altering the illumination profile) and a laser at 532 nm. We are able to measure samples on solid substrates and liquids within cuvettes.


  • Princeton Instruments Tri-Vista 555 spectrometer (9 gratings)
  • Princeton Instruments PIXIS-256E Si 2D array detector
  • Princeton Instruments OMA-V InGaAs linear array detector
  • Custom Optical Systems for Absorbance, Photoluminescence and Raman Scattering.