The JEOL NEOARM is a scanning / transmission electron microscope, equipped with a spherical aberration corrector for the probe-forming optics. This corrector has improved stability and optimizes 5th order aberrations, leading to an as-installed resolution of <0.63Å at 200kV, and a <1.92Å at 30kV. The instrument is a high-brightness cold field emission instrument. It is equipped with two large area energy dispersive x-ray spectrometers that permit rapid atomic-resolution EDS mapping. It is equipped with a Gatan Image Filter, incorporating DualEELS capability to ensure accurate energy calibration and a K2-IS direct electron detector at the end of the filter. This detector has a detection quantum efficiency that is close to 1.0, and thus allows high sensitivity, leading to the detection of very high energy losses.  The detector also allows 2k x 2k image acquisitions at 400 frames/second, and 512k x 2k image acquisitions at 1600 frames/second, making it optimal for in-situ/operando microscopy. This JEOL NEOARM was the first to be installed in the U.S.

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