IPG Photonics IX255


IPG Microsystems IX-255

A highly configurable laser work cell for general purpose and small-scale production applications. The system combines a Class 1 workstation integrated with a fiber laser and all necessary software. Configurable options, available with initial order or as a field upgrade, include: Ablation or Thermal Cutting & Drilling, Part Handling & Moving, Beam Formation, Delivery & Scanning, Vision System and Alignment. Additional options and accessories further extend the versatility and application of this easy- to-use laser micromachining system. The IX-200-F can be configured with basic functionality as an entry-level system, as a fully equipped, highly precise machining tool compatible with any micromachining application, or anywhere in between. The modular design allows users to buy the capability needed today and expand through field upgrades as requirements evolve.

Cutting Applications

  • Ceramics, Metals, Polymers and Semiconductor Materials
  • Patterning of ITO and other Thin-films

Drilling Applications

  • Hole Diameters down to 15 μm

Class 1 Micromachining Workstation

  • Lasers at 532 or 1064 nm
  • Pulse Energy up to 15 Joules (1064 nm)
  • X-Y Positional Accuracy: <3 μm
  • Z-theta Accuracy: <10 μm, ±0.02°
  • Galvanometer Scanner or Fixed Optics
  • Thermal Cutting Head
  • Step and Scan Stage/ Galvo Integration

Vision System Resolution 0.12 μm/ pixel

DXF and CSV File Interface


IPG Photonics IX255