Asylum AFM


Asylum AFM

Modes available

  • Contact, AC (tapping) and Dual AC, 1-D forces, lateral force, nanolithography, Electrostatic Force, Kelvin probe, conductive AFM, Magnetic Force, piezoelectric force, thermal AFM


  • Stiffness and adhesion measurements, frictional force imaging. Nanolithography, electrostatic force microscopy, and scanning surface potential. Conductive AFM, magnetic and piezoresponse force microscopy.

Scan range

  • 90μm × 90μm × 15μm closed loop

Z noise

  • <0.06nm 0.1Hz-1kHz BW

Cantilever noise

  • <0.02nm Adev, 0.1Hz-1kHz BW.

Analog to Digital Converters

  • One 16-bit, 5 MHz channel

Digital to Analog Converters

  • Five 16-bit 100kHz channel

Direct Digital Synthesizer

  • Six 24-bit 100kHz channels, plus two 10-bit 10MHz summed on a single DAC
Asylum AFM