Agilent AFM

Agilent AFM


  • Contact, tapping, lateral force, force spectroscopy, scanning Kelvin probe, MAC and Top MAC

Environmental control

  • Ambient, purged gas, fluid environments with heated and cooled stages

Applications: Controlled-environment AFM (fluid, purged gas, temperature- programmed). Polymers, electrochemistry, force spectroscopy. Magnetically-excited AFM.

Scan range

  • 90μm × 90 μm × 7 μm closed-loop scanner
  • 9 μm × 9 μm × 2 μm open loop scanner

Noise floor

  • <5 Å (large scanner)
  • <1 Å (small scanner)


  • Ten 16-bit channels input
  • Four 24-bit channels out


Agilent AFM