Aberration-Corrected TEM/STEM (Planned)

The planned acquisition of this microscope will represent the centerpiece of the facility. The room in which it will be installed, with a combination of active and passive electromagnetic shielding technologies, is designed for installation of the first aberration-corrected, energy-filtered microscope (ACEM) in the greater Philadelphia area. ACEM represents the current state-of-the-art for atomic scale imaging of matter. This type of electron microscope allows for imaging of individual atoms in terms of their morphology and composition. This microscope will be equipped with a wide range of spectrometers for investigating composition and bonding environment, as well as an extensive set of in-situ samples holders for controlling temperature, strain, and electric fields while observing the sample. The room is designed to maintain the tightest possible specifications in terms of temperature, vibration, acoustics, and electromagnetic fields.