Entry Procedures for the Singh Center of Nanotechnology

Entry into the Singh Center

Due to the coronavirus situation there have been some changes to the way you will be moving about NANO.

The front doors into Singh will be for entry only.

When entering Singh there are poster boards located throughout the common areas on every floor that are indicating the lanes of travel. They are for your benefit

On the floor you will see arrows pointing the direction of travel that is now required throughout the building.

On some floors and areas you will also notice lanes of travel. This is to ensure that everyone is maintaining the 6 foot requirement.

You should not be walking side by side with anyone.

Bathrooms are also included in this social distancing rule. Only one sink is available in every bathroom. Please limit the number of persons in the bathrooms to two. This will require you to announce your entry to make sure there is room for you.

Please use the link below and have your QR code ready when entering NANO.

This is required every day.

To leave the building you must exit thru one of the three fire towers.

For any questions, please contact Chris Montowski at