Xactix e1 XeF2 Etch System

Xactix e1 XeF2 Etch System


Isotropic etching of silicon using xenon difluoride is an ideal solution for releasing MEMS devices. XeF2 shows high selectivity to silicon over almost all standard semiconductor materials including photoresist, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and aluminum. Being a vapor phase etchant, XeF2 avoids many of the problems typically associated with wet or plasma etch processes.

Built for simplicity, and a small footprint, the Xactix® e1TM is the ideal solution for requiring an R&D xenon difluoride etching system. This table top etcher is ideal for small volumes in QNF.

Key Benefits

  • Simple & reliable
  • Great for working with small samples and wafers
Xactix e1 XeF2 Etch System