IPG Photonics IX-255 Laser System

IPG Microsystems’ IX-255


The IPG IX-255 Excimer Laser is a highly flexible UV laser micromachining system for multi-purpose, R&D and production applications. The system combines a Class 1 workstation integrated with a proprietary UV (193nm) laser and beam shape selector (infinitely variable rectangular and discrete circular) to machine transparent samples such as plastic, glass, and PDMS.


  • Micro Drilling
  • Annealing
  • Thin-film Removal
  • Laser Lift-off (LLO)
  • Dicing


  • Pre-set Configurations for High Fluence and Large Field of View Applications
  • Selectable Beam Shapes for Automated, Complex Micromachining
  • Precision Stages with <3 μm Motion Control Accuracy
  • Dual Magnification Vision System with Sub-micron Part Alignment
  • 193 nm Laser
  • Linear Mask Changer for Complex Features and Shapes


IPG Photonics IX-255 Laser System