EVG 620 Wafer Bond Aligner

EVG 620 Wafer Bond Aligner


Known for its high level of automation and reliability, the EVG620 Bond Alignment System is designed for wafer-to-wafer alignment up to 150 mm wafer sizes. The EV Group´s bond alignment systems offer highest precision, flexibility, ease of use and modular upgrade capability and have been qualified in numerous high throughput production environments. The precision of EVG´s bond alignment system accommodates most demanding alignment processes in MEMS production and in emerging fields like 3D integration applications.


  • Supports bond alignment of double or triple wafer stacks up to 150 mm wafer sizes
  • Manual or motorized alignment stage
  • Fully motorized high resolution bottom side microscopes
  • Windows® based user interface
  • Quick tool change between different wafer sizes and different bonding applications
EVG 620 Wafer Bond Aligner