Elionix ELS-7500EX EBL

Elionix ELS-7500EX EBL


Ultra-high precision lithography with a resolution of 10 nm and with high stitching and overlay accuracy.


Electron gun emitter ZrO/W thermal field emitter
Acceleration voltage 50kV,30kV,20kV
Minimum line width 10nm
Specimen size 6″ (maximum)



Ultra-fine lithography.

  • The 2-nm diameter spot beam allows the ultra fine pattern writing of 10 nm width. ELS-7500EX incorporates SEM function that serves for exposed pattern observation.

High stitching and overlay accuracy.

  • ELS-7500EX provides overlay accuracy of 30 nm that supports mix-and-match with photolithography.
  • The recipe function, with saved optimum beam settings, provides the ease of the operation.
  • The stage with a built-in laser interferometer and beam positioning resolution of 0.31 nm with an 18-bit DAC provide a stitching accuracy of 30 nm.

High performance with compact configuration. Ease of operation with PC control.

  • Integration of a Windows compatible GUI and CAD realizes a small footprint.
  • Electron optical condition control and CAD pattern design can be accomplished by simply using a mouse. A very user friendly system.

Application gallery


R = 100μm blazed circle

(Pitch in the radius direction 1.0μm)


L&S: 80 nm


Resist Thickness: 1.5μm || Line width: 25 nm

Elionix ELS-7500EX EBL