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Bruker Icon AFM

AFM modes

  • PeakForce (with quantitative nanomechanics), tapping, contact, lateral force, magnetic force spectroscopy, Kelvin probe, conductive AFM, tunneling AFM, electrostatic force, magnetic force, piezoelectric force, torsional resonance mode.

Applications: Nano-mechanics, whole-wafer inspection, scanning conductivity/resistance microscopy. Thermal AFM. Electrical measurements of soft materials. Fluid tipholder.

X-Y scan range

  • 90μm × 90 μm × 10 μm

Vertical noise floor

  • <30 pm RMS

Current sensitivity

  • pA to μA

Motorized position stage (X-Y axis)

  • 180mm × 150mm
  • 210mm vacuum chuck
Bruker Icon AFM