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2022 PiezoMEMS Workshop  /  5.24.22 


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Power Supply on Chip Webinar Series  /  11.10.20 

The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (IEEE PELS) are sponsoring a webinar series as a corridor event, bridging the 2018 PwrSoC Workshop and the 2021Power Supply on Chip, (PwrSoC) Workshop, which was rescheduled due to the COVID19 impact on the ability...

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NNCI Image Contest  /  9.1.20 

Dear Singh Center Users You are invited to submit an image to the Singh Center - NNCI's 2nd Image Contest.  The National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure's (NNCI) Coordinating Office has asked each of the 16 sites in its network to submit one image for the three categories below. Each site's...

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Entry Procedures for LRSM  /  6.9.20 

Entry into LRSM   Due to the current situation with the coronavirus there has been some changes in the ways to navigate the LRSM complex.  Entering the LRSM will be through the front doors only. You will use the southside stair tower, located by the front entrance, to gain access to the floors. You...

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Entry Procedures for the Singh Center of Nanotechnology  /  6.9.20 

Entry into the Singh Center Due to the coronavirus situation there have been some changes to the way you will be moving about NANO. The front doors into Singh will be for entry only. When entering Singh there are poster boards located throughout the common areas on every floor that are indicating the...

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Singh Center Reopening Update  /  6.5.20 

Dear Friends of the Singh Center – Previously we announced a target date of reopening of the Singh Center shared user facilities of this Monday. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictability caused by the unrest in Philadelphia, we have not been able to complete the reconditioning of the facility and...

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