Quattrone Nanofabrication Mask Shop Lite

Dear QNF community,

While QNF is in the yellow phase of operation, we will offer a “lite version” of the QNF mask shop. This will ensure that users without a group mate to can run the Heidelberg DWL66+ laser writer can still get their masks made at the QNF.

Here’s the policy that we will follow:

The QNF mask shop will help do the data prep and exposure, but the customer user will be responsible for post-processing the photomask (development, chrome etch & resist strip).

The QNF mask shop will charge for 30 minutes of staff time ($25 for academic users, $40 for corporate users) plus the tool time for the Heidelberg DWL66+ to run the exposure plus the cost of the mask & carrier box.

For training on post-processing photomasks, please see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUZZQE-gFbs&t=0s .

If you’d like to order a mask through the QNF mask shop, please e-mail qnf-mask@lists.seas.upenn.edu.

The QNF mask shop will remain open until the QNF allows tool trainings for users again. When tool trainings are available again, the QNF mask shop will close and this service will be discontinued.